Christian Education




Pre-school and Kindergarten

Meets: Children's Area
Bev McKinney
Starts: 9:00 am


1st through 3rd Grades

Meets: Children's Area
Bev McKinney
9:00 am 


4th through 6th Grades

Meets: Children's Area

9:00 an


Children’s Chapel, Ages 4 thru 8

Meets: Children's Area
Teacher: Gloriane Hiltabidel
Starts: 10:15am



Study: The Book of Romans
Meets: The Office Area Classroom
Teacher: Fr. Tom Maggitti
Starts: 9:00am


Life Groups

Life Groups meet on Thursday evenings at the church, beginning at 7 pm. You are welcome to come early for a time of refreshments and fellowship at 6:30 pm in the Mezzanine. If you have questions about Life Groups at Wellspring or would like to be put in contact with a Life Group Leader, please call Fr. Michael at 525-3600.


Men's Prayer Breakfast

The Men's Prayer Breakfast meets each Friday morning at 6:30 am, at Perko's Restaurant on Oakdale Road, for fellowship, study, and prayer. If you have questions, please call Joe Swain at 529-7553. 


Tuesday Morning Breakfast

The Wednesday Morning Breakfast takes place at the church, each Wednesday morning beginning at 7 am, for fellowship, study, and prayer. Call Doug Chadwick at 524-3066 for details.



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