Adult Education Hour

Sundays 9am - 10am (before worship)

Family Life at Wellspring means taking the time to deepen our relationship with Jesus and our understanding of His Word. This is what our Adult Education hour is centered on. During this time we will have classes on various topics or books of the Bible. We may break into small groups or keep to a traditional classroom set up; it all depends on the teacher and the material. Information on the current class or classes being offered is found below.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Our current Adult Ed class is about discovering Peter Scazzero's "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality."

Sundays at 9am

8 Weeks

September 17th - November 5th

The Rev. Jeff Stone

Why An Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course?


Emotions are often ignored and shoved in the corner in our culture. We hide them and avoid sharing them with others. However, the truth is, emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are inseparable. You see, God desires to redeem our whole person including our emotions because it just isn’t possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.




This course will be referencing "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" by Peter Scazzero. It is NOT required reading to be a part of the course, but if you would like to explore this topic before hand here are links to both his book and the workbook:


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Book

EH Spirituality Workbook