Adult Education Hour

Sundays 9am - 10am

Family Life at Wellspring means taking the time to deepen our relationship with Jesus and our understanding of His Word. This is what our Adult Education hour is centered on. During this time we will have classes on various topics or books of the Bible. We may break into small groups or keep to a traditional classroom set up; it all depends on the teacher and the material. Information on the current class or classes being offered is found below.

Family Life

Wellspring is our home and this makes us family. And, just like every family we have our own particular rhythms and traditions that make us unique - this is our Family Life.

Regular worship is a part of our Family Life but we also see Family Life taking place in two other ways based on James 1:27. One, we want to be Growing Deeper. These include activities, groups, studies, or events that take us deeper in our relationships with one another and with our Lord. Two, we want to have an awareness of others, especially those in need. This happens in service to one another and then also to the world around us.

Growing Deeper

  • Life Groups meet in homes usually midweek and connect for various events or activities.
  • Women's Ministry
  • Yearly Church-Wide Retreat
  • Neighborhood Coffees
  • Acolyte Ministry
  • Other Events

Other Awareness