"To Be a people whose lives are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ"

  • Sundays at 10:15am

    1548 Cummins Dr.

    Modesto, CA 95358

    (Map and Directions)

  • 2018 Annual Stay-treat - Another Perspective

    Every year Wellspring has a retreat. This year, instead of getting away, we will be having a stay-treat. All activities will take place at Wellspring in Modesto.

    Join us as we seek another perspective and what it means for the future of ministry. 

    The cost:
    $45 For Singles & $60 for Couples

    Click Here For Stay-treat Schedule & Info: Another_Perspective_Staytreat.pdf

    Click Here To Register For the Stay-treat: Registration

  • Walk To Bethlehem, Advent 2018

    The walk to Bethlehem is an imaginary walk that encourages

    walkers to increase physical activity, spiritual growth and cultural

    awareness through a virtual tour to Bethlehem. 

    For more info, email Jan Hammond at jan.hammond73@gmail.com

    Log Miles: Here

    2 Part Devotional: Devotions_WTB_Part_1.docx || Devotions_WTB_Part_2.docx

  • Wellspring U - Adult Education

    Our adult education is offered as an avenue to learn and grow. It is open for anyone who want to attend. We have a wide range of classes and teachers for the fall to spring season. Starting September 9th, we will offer classes on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.

    Learn More Here: 2018-2019_WU_Adult_Ed_Classes.pdf

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  • GAFCON Conference in 90 Seconds

    A Slideshow report of what happened at the GAFCON Conference in Jerusalem. If you look real close you can spot Bishop Ken. :)