Our Story...

Our name “Wellspring” stems from John 4:1-26. “The woman at the well” is a famous passage, centering on the eternal “living water” that only Jesus can provide. We believe that the woman, and her relationship with Jesus, reflects the kind of ministry we strive to live out through the ministry of the Wellspring family. Wellspring Anglican Church was “transplanted” in July of 2009, having left the Episcopal Church and the property at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Modesto. Ninety-four percent of the members left to form Wellspring Church, a congregation of the Anglican Mission in the Americas, which subsequently became PEAR USA, and then the Anglican Diocese of the Rocky Mountains with the Anglican Church of North America. The members of Wellspring made these changes to honor Jesus Christ’s words, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

Our commitment as Anglican Christians is to Jesus Christ as the way to a relationship with God the Father. We believe He is the only way, and we are committed to that belief. Wellspring began in a leased facility at 9th and H Streets in Modesto and we were there for 5 ½ years before moving to the present location at 1548 Cummins Drive, Modesto.

The congregation formed a Building Committee in its early days at H Street and began a process of finding an existing property with ample parking that could be renovated for the purposes of the church. After two years of research and hard work, the present location was found and purchased. A new phase of our life then began, which took an additional two and a half years for planning, raising funds, demolition, and rebuilding the facility into a fabulous place for worship and community life.